45 Vital Qualities of a Good Teacher.

Teaching Qualities

A teacher possesses a lot many qualities that show how efficient and how important a part of the society she is and as we talk about a teacher’s qualities, we should know that every teacher has got different qualities and is unique in herself, but eventually there might be some common features that are essential to be successful in the profession of teaching and that every person who aspires to be a good teacher should possess. The qualities of a good teacher are highlighted below:

  • A good teacher is a store house of knowledge.A teacher should be learned, have good subject knowledge and above all should expand the horizon of her students by spreading her knowledge around. As learning is a never ending process, she should put in every effort to keep her knowledge base up to date always, that will in a way prove to be very fruitful for her students.
  • A good teacher is affectionate.

    A motherly touch can generate interest and make the learning process extremely easy for the students. For students, school is there second home and they tend to learn more if their environment is full of tenderness and happy and joyous teachings.

  • A good teacher is diligent.

    A teacher may not be that highly educated, could be inexperienced too but if she puts in a right amount of efforts to grasp things and pass on the same values to her students, it can make her teaching impressive and lasting.

  • A good teacher is an able administrator.

    She knows how to handle children of all levels and of course is able to teach them the classroom decorum.

  • A good teacher is optimistic.

    A teacher with a positive attitude can do wonders. Her positivity can bring in new hopes in her students and can transform their personalities to a great extent. It can also boost their confidence and lead them to great success.

  • A good teacher is always a good learner.

    It is in human nature to pick up things from our surroundings. A smart teacher learns from her daily routines and adapts herself as per the needs of the hour.

  • A good teacher should be dutiful.

    For her, her duty comes first.

  • A good teacher is a good counselor too.

    Not only the academic problems, but also she can solve the behavioral problems of her students.

  • A good teacher is quite vigilant.
    Highly attentive teachers keep a track of their student’s activities and know about their right and wrong doings.
  • A good teacher is passionate.

    She has a passion for teaching and never lets the student’s interest die. This also enhances her teaching.

  • A good teacher is the right decision maker.

    She is someone who knows how to solve complex situations.

  • A good teacher is kind.

    She understands the difficulties of her students and is quite considerate

  • A good teacher believes in appreciation.

    From time to time, she keeps on appreciating her students by her kind words and by offering awards to get a better result.

  • A good teacher encourages her students to work in unison, links up academic subjects with moral, spiritual and social values, like honesty, accountability, responsibility, and transparency.
  • A good teacher gives time for discussion, role play, dramatization, debate and brain storming sessions.
  • A good teacher encourages questioning, clarifying doubts, choosing and evaluating.
  • A good teacher gives time for free creative and critical thinking in students to help them to apply convergent and divergent thinking in solving the various problems.
  • A good teacher instills the ideals pertaining to responsibility and cleanliness, thus preparing the individuals for a better tomorrow.
  • Forgiveness is another quality that that is very important. A teacher should not have any grudges against anyone. She should learn to forgive her students for committing mistakes.
  • A good teacher possesses a sense of Orderliness.

    She should know the art of presenting things systematically and in a proper way

  • A good teacher possesses the quality of perseverance.

    By this quality she teaches her students to conquer all.

  • A good teacher is productive.

    She produces good citizens for our country.

  • A good teacher should be approachable.

    She applies techniques that help the students to relieve their stress and concentrate on their academics. A child can discuss his problems and try to overcome them; he should not be hesitant to approach his teacher any time.

  • A good teacher is inspirational.

    Inspires and motivates her students, makes all possible ways to encourage them to adapt new and easy techniques in the learning process.

  • A good teacher disposes a sweet temperament.

    Never brings her problems to the classroom and presents herself as a happy go lucky person who deals with difficult situations in a sweet manner, without showing her discontentment. She does not shout or raises her voice on her students.

  • A good teacher is humorous.

    With the ingredient of humor, a dull class can be converted to an exciting one. This is very important to make her class an interesting one.

  • A good teacher is interactive.

    Teaching in this case is not one way. A students solves his queries by putting up questions, a teacher on the other hand tries to solve his problems and understands the difficulties faced by him.

  • A good teacher is also a good listener.

    She listens to her students and tries to make her teaching more effective by improvising her method and subject matter.

  • A good teacher is joyful.

    Her vibrant smile and joyful disposition enhances her teaching and probably even the dull students of the class are interested to follow and listen to such a teacher.

  • A good teacher uses sufficient teaching aids.

    Projectors, films, models etc not only make teaching interesting but learning easy too which is enjoyed both by a teacher and her students.

  • A good teacher introduces and deals with the topics effectively.
  • A good teacher keeps in mind the IQ level of her students.

    She teaches the subject matter in such a manner, that it covers the above average, average and below average students.

  • A good teacher is trustworthy.

    Parents send their children to schools with the thought that their children will learn new and right things in school. It is the teacher’s responsibility to maintain this trust throughout her teaching career.

  • A good teacher is resourceful.

    She tries to arrange for props, models, etc. to impart practical knowledge to her students. Children learn faster if they understand the process/reason behind something.

  • A good teacher is co operative.

    She co-operates with both the parents as well as the students which gives the parents a sense of satisfaction that the right values are being imparted t their children.

  • A good teacher is fearless.

    She introduces new and challenging topics into her class without being afraid of the fact that whether the children will understand what she is teaching or not and this experimental approach really enhances her teaching to a great extent.

  • A good teacher is creative.

    She tries to introduce creative skills among the students and shapes the lesson on unique, engaging and dynamic ways that easily grab the student’s attention.

  • A good teacher is adaptable.

    She keeps adapting to the new topics that are introduced every year in her subjects.

  • A good teacher is organized.

    She carries on her work in an organized manner. If the teacher is not systematic in her approach she would not be successful in giving her best to her students, and students will lose their confidence in her.

  • A good teacher is focused.

    She leads her students to reach their goal. She is quite focused and even transfers this quality to her students so that they may follow the right path in the attainment of their goals.

  • A good teacher inculcates moral values in her students along with her teachings for the moral upliftment of the children. A teacher keeps on passing these values to her students and tries to make them better citizens.
  • A good teacher acts as a role model.

    The students imitate their teacher and so it is important for a teacher to act in a refined and acceptable manner. Teaching to flow the right path should be her prerogative.

  • A good teacher is calm and composite.

    A teacher who loses her calmness, gets irritated, becomes impatient or even aggressive at times looses the support of her students. Her teachings become ineffective and results to the loss of interest of the students.

  • A good teacher breaks the monotony.

    She applies new techniques to cover up the syllabus to break the monotony of her subject matter and generates interest.

  • Lastly, a good teacher strives for the all round development of her students, Works for the mental, moral, psychological and their social development.

These qualities would surely enhance the teaching and learning process and fulfill the needs and aspirations of a student and would lead to a progressive learning.